Friday, February 26, 2010

The Wyndham Werewolves Series by MaryJanice Davidson

The author of the Queen Betsy Series, MaryJanice Davidson, created a Spin-off - The Wyndham Werewolves. It started as several short stories in a couple anthologies - Dead and Loving It, Naughty or Nice, Dead Over Heels, Secrets Volume 6 and Secrets Volume 8. The Werewolves show up in the Queen Betsy series when Anotonia (a werewolf that is mated to one of Betsy's fiends) goes missing. But the first full fledged novel in the series is Derik's Bane.

In Derik's Bane, we meet Derik - who  is a werewolf and best friends with the Pack's Alpha - Michael. But something hasn't been right for a while and it becomes apparent that the problem is that Derik has developed Alpha tendancies. Two alphas under one roof is not going to last very long before someone gets hurt. Fortunately, the pack's future seer announces the Derik is needed to save the world! He travels to Californina (from Massachuettes) to find Dr. Sarah Gunn (the prophesied reincarnation of Morgan Fey - although she doesn't know it) and destroy her before she destroys the world.  He really didn't count on her being so darn cute though! It is a fun and adventurous story that takes the two on a cross county trip to save teh world together. It was a really exciting book, that I hope has a sequeal soon. I did contact MaryJanice Davidson's assistant and was told that the series is just on hold not forgotten. So keep you eyes open for the next in the series.
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