Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Review: Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male

Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male
by Philip Nork

 Here's what the back of the book says:
The age-old "Battle of the Sexes" is still going just as strong as it ever was--and chances are it won't lose any steam anytime soon. So, rather than lament the fact that the game exists, men and women around the world are instead better off learning to play it to the best of their ability.
Such is the premise behind "Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male." It is less a self-help guide to relationships and more a vicarious journey through one man's quest for self discovery. Along the way he learns to appreciate the fairer sex and develops a higher understanding of just what it takes to make them happy.
Straightforward and refreshingly candid, this book is an impressive presentation of a life with a plethora of helpful lessons to share. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to cut through the typical facade of relationship "politics" and learn the roots of true, lasting happiness.

About the Author:
Philip Nork is a first-time writer who never intended to be one. He has been in the restaurant and sales/marketing fields the majority of his career.

By taking the time to sort through specific memories, musical lyrics he grew up listening to, and random thoughts stuck in his head, all while being on business trips, he was able to put together this book about how the people that you meet along your journey through life affect you and your decisions.
He currently lives in Henderson, Nevada with his family and is already putting the finishing touches on his second novel.
You can learn more about Philip at, visit him on facebook, visit his blog One Good Turn, Deserves Another, or email him at

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