Monday, March 29, 2010

Collection of Confessions of all the Irritable Mothers!

Recently I reviewed Confessions of an Irritable Mother and also hosted a giveaway. The mandatory giveaway entry was to put down your Irritable Mother Confession. I am not sure that you gals read each other's entries and there were some really great ones! I have decided to compile them all together for everyone to read! Here was Mine is that I sometimes step out into the garage and scream into a pillow when i have reached my wit's end!

Annette W. - Sometimes I just ignore something that is happening...esp if I am on the computer.

Lisa R. - My boys and hubby(so they came by this tendency naturally)were always pulling their socks off wadded in little balls or their underwear and pants off together. Well, after fussing at them and gathering these offending objects up and returning them to said offenders to correct, I started washing them just like they took them off and putting them in their drawers the same way. When they got to the point that all they had in their sock drawer was these disgusting wads of cotton that smelled sour (cause they never got dry), or had blue underwear (cause they were washed inside their jeans), they got much better at detangling their socks and undies.

We had a hard fast rule that all laundry was to be put in the laundry room for washing. If this wasn't done then it wasn't washed.
My middle son was constantly running out of clean clothes despite the fact that I washed at least 1 load a day. He would finally give in and gather all his clothes up, sometimes as much as 4 loads to be washed. Well, I would then proceed to take my time in doing his laundry, despite him whining that he'd already turned all him underwear and worn them twice. Hey, I suffer, he suffers.(lol)

Debbie - I sometimes go lock myself in my bathroom for awhile. Sometimes there are yummy foods hidden in there waiting for me. Shhh!

Christy - I clean or organize something. The kids know when I am cleaning the garage something is up and they usually find a friend to spend the night at because they know I will more likely put them to work. lol
ham1299 - Sometimes I'll just turn my favorite music up REALLY loud and tune them out - especially if they're being difficult in the car!
Jackie - I take longer than usual in the bathroom just so I can have some quiet time.
Sal B. - I lock myself in my closet and take out my hidden chocolate stash :)
Merrie L. - I have an older son (13) and a younger son (4) which can be a curse and a blessing at times! When it gets bad... I make my eldest watch my youngest and I take a time out in my room! (I lock my door... sometimes I make it for the number of minutes for my age and tell them that's how it's supposed to be! I'm 42) lol *I don't stay in there that long though*
Amanda - My irritated mommy confession is that when my morning is already off to a rocky start I turn on Sesame Street (the only show my daughter will watch) and take an long shower while it is on.
O Mom - I think alot of Moms do this, but I lock myself in the bathroom when I need a few moments to myself, and just enjoy the quiet. :)
Kristen T. - Depends on where I am...I either go into the car and do the screaming thing, or (the more usual), hide in the bathroom and give my self a timeout...although between the kid and the cat, they are at the door asking to come in. LOL!
Angela - I sometimes ignore bad behavior I normally would stop because I just don't have the energy for a confrontation!
Bkittie - One time my kids left clothes spread around on the living room floor, and I was too just tired to tell them to clean up. When unexpected guests suddenly arrived, I quickly gathered up the clothes and threw them behind the couch!
Katrina - Sometimes I just want to scream because I just want to go to the bathroom by myself....just once in a while!
Julie - When my daughter wakes up to early i take my blanket and pillow in her room shut the door and lay there while she plays

Donnetta - I have gone into the garage and sat in the car because then I'm virtually sound proofed. It worked out particularly well one day when I remembered I had stashed a chocolate bar in the glove box. :) (Congrats to Donnetta - she won her own copy of this book!)
Waterlogged - TV is my irritable mommy babysitter. I hate the kids watching tv, but if I am truly getting irritated, I know that turning on the cartoons will give me a few minutes to just breath and restart.

Blueviolet - I used to tend to have an initial reaction of no before I even thought about it.

Joely - A cold splash of water on the face always works well for me :)

Coupon Clippin' Mom - sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom...until it's safe out :)

It's pretty funny how many of you gals hold up in the Bathroom! If I had more than one in my house, I might go there instead of the garage! Thank you to everyone that shared their irritable mothering moments. I think it is great to read that other moms deal with these things from time to time. And I am definitely starting a stash of chocolate out in the garage - thanks for the ideas!



  1. This was a great idea, Pam!
    Seems chocolate is a common sooth-er for all of us. Yeah. I'm going to have to start a stash somewhere. *grin*

  2. Found your blog on Friday Follow. I'm now a follower.

    Have a GREAT day!

  3. This is a great post! Irritable mom syndrome, I had that last week, BIG TIME, I also will wash socks just the way my family throws them in the wash, drives my nuts.

    When I'm irritable I like to hide in my sewing room, wish it had a door!



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