Friday, March 12, 2010

Multiple Books at the Same Time

I obviously don't mean this literally. I am talking about reading more than one book, before completing any one of them. Some people think it is too confusing to read more than one book at a time. But really, isn't it like watching more than one series on television. I mean, you can keep track of Lost and CSI. So why can't you keep track of The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Demonica Series at once?
I have had some people tell me that it must be that one book just isn't all that interesting. While, occasionally, this might be true, I think it is more that I am just looking for some variety. Additionally, it is also because I might have books that need to get read on a time line. For example I am currently reading - The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Glass Castle, and This One is Mine. The first is on loan from a friend, and someone else is waiting for it. The second is for my Mommy Book Club this month and the third is a book review for this blog. All three are drastically different books and therefore serve a very different purpose but I assure you that they are all quite interesting. In fact, if I am going to read more than one book at a time (and NO, I do not always read more than one book at a time), I like for them to be very different. It helps me to avoid confusing the story-lines. And as get I closer to the end of one of them, I will probably focus on that tome until it is finished. I also find that I can read more books in a shorter period of time because feel a bit of that crunch. It is probably an unnecessary stress I put on myself, but it makes me commit to reading a little every day.
So how do you feel about reading more than one book at time?


  1. I don't do it now that I've semi-retired but when I was working a 40+ hour week and running three kids to ballgames, dance etc, I did have three books that I was reading at all times. I had one at work(cause I read at lunch to relax from computer problems), one on the head of my bed( as I read every night) and one in my van(that I read while waiting on one child or the other). When my husband ask me to marry him, I told him "I read every single night before going to bed, can you handle going to sleep with a lamp on? What did he do? When we remodeled, he built a reading lamp and control into the head of the bed on my side so that I had total control of the reading light. How's that for love?)
    As I neared the end of a book, I'd take it home to finish and replace it with a new one so I was never without a book. I was kind of like a alcoholic that hid mini bottles everywhere, I had spare books in all vehicles I drove and stuffed in desk drawers at work. I never really had any problem keeping the storylines from blurring but it's sure a lot nicer to start and finish a book in the same day now.

  2. Books really are an addiction! I totally start to panic if I don't have a book near by ready to be read! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lisa!

  3. I have to say that I've always read one at a time until a month ago. I have the kindle, and I had been reading a free book I got on it. It's interesting and I really want to know how it ends, but like you said, I need some variety. I started finding other books I was interested in so, I bought another book, and now I'm halfway through both. Now, I just have to find more time to finish them.

  4. I completely agree with this post. I read a lot of books at one time, and somehow I can keep them all separate. It really depends on what mood I'm in when I sit down. I'm now following from Friday Follow.

  5. You make a great point about how watching different TV shows is similiar to reading different books. Never thought of that before, but it makes sense.

    I'm currently reading three books right now: one review copy, one I read at work during lunch, and a non-fiction title. I usually like my books to be different to make things easier, but have no trouble keeping them straight.

    Great discussion!

  6. I do this all the time. But usually I get so absorbed into one book that I have to finish it. Reading multiple books is how I get through my review books. I also have a problem with if I start a series, I can't read anything else until I finish that series. It is awful I tell you!

  7. I actually hop books a lot.. but I try to keep them separate genres. I usually listen to one in the car on the way to work and then read one in my spare time. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earliar!


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