Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whatcha Reading Wednesday - 3/3/2010

So this is how "Whatcha Reading Wednesdays" works

You grab the book you are currently reading, open it to a TOTALLY RANDOM page and then go to a random place on the page and select two full sentences. Then leave a comment with just the two sentences, the page number, title and author of the book. If it is a spoiler at all be sure to put **Spoiler Alert** at the top of your comment (like if the selection announces the death of an integral character or something). But I really doubt that two sentences on a random page are going to give away the plot - =). This is supposed to fun and enlightening and I really hope you guys do this!

Here's Mine:
The Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened was unlike other schools. For one thing, the cafeteria food smelled goof and tasted even better. Page 187 The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart


  1. "I want to know why I'm here and I want to know now. If you walk out that door, I'm not going to promise you'll still find me here in the morning."
    pg. 49 Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

  2. Very enticing! This book just climbed a few spots on my TBR list! Thanks for sharing.

  3. "Yeah, you're a regular Don Juan.: He said it only to focus Shane's attention, and temper, on him. "All the little girls are puckered up and waiting in line" Nor Robert's The MacKade Brothers (lost the page sorry!)

    I love this blog, I'd love to put a link to it on y blog, provided you'll do the same!

  4. Book Buff - you are on the fave sites list! Thanks for visiting! And great snipet!

  5. LOVING the book Bitten so far!

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