Monday, April 5, 2010

Review: Mom-Over by Dana Wood

Mom-Over by Dana Wood
Here's what the book says:

mom·over (noun): mashup of "mom" and "makeover" minus the pressure to look like a total babe 24/7. (Unless that's what the mama wants, of course.) Holistic; encompasses mind, body and spirit. Nudges her to take primo care of herself, with zero guilt & tons of support. Beneficial to entire family.
Bring our your inner Momshell!
Okay, so every day since the baby was born has been a dirty sweats/no mascara/bad hair day kind of day. You don't need your mother to tell you it's time to lose that just-home-from-the-hospital-look before it sticks forever. You've got Dana Wood, patron saint of stylish new moms everywhere, to show you how to take world-class care of yourself -- drumroll please -- after the baby's born, and beyond!
In this sensibly chic guide, Wood reveals the secrets of surviving the emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges that emerge in that bleary-eyed, sleep- and time-deprived first year. In the trademark Momover style popularized in her eponymous blog, she provides the motivation you need to hop off the new-mommy self-pity train, and get with a new and improved post-baby program. What's more, she proves that doing it right by yourself is just another way of doing right by your baby.

mom·over: Because centered, happy you = centered, happy baby!

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About the Author:
Dana Wood is a mother, wife, and the writer of "Momover," an online column that explores the collision of age and first-time mommyhood. Currently the senior fashion features editor of W, Wood has served as the beauty director of W and the health and beauty director of Cookie. In her twenty-plus years of journalism, she has also written for numerous national publications, including Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, Women's Health, Self, and People. Learn more about Wood and her her popular blog at She lives in New York, NY.
Here's what I say:
I have long said that the mom needs to be relaxed and happy in order for the baby to feel happy. The book is broken up into three parts: Getting it together mentally, Getting it together physically, and Getting it together spiritually. Although you could totally read this book cover to cover as you would a novel, it is also broken up into very specific segments of things we almost all encountered in those first few months as a new mom. I seriously wish I had had this book with  my first child. Although I was, and still am, a pretty laid back mom, I still put myself through things that I could have avoided. Which is why my absolute favorite part of the book is the occasional "reserve the right to..." tip boxes, some are fun some are series but they are virtual get out of jail free cards. All those things that you feel guilty about should not really be a source of guilt. For example, my absolute favorite one was the second one which reads:
What better advice can you give a new mom? And I love the natural flow of the book. It really reads like a girlfriend chatting with you over coffee. I think this book would make a perfect baby shower gift to any mommy-to-be, as long as she likes to laugh at witty repartee.
...hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your bedroom door, even when your mother-in-law or dear old Aunt Bessie is pitching in to help with the baby. Sure, the first time might feel a bit awkward, perhaps even a little rude, but you'll get used to it. Better yet, so will they.

Disclaimer: Although I did receive a copy of this book for review from FSB Associates (Thanks Anna), I was in no other way compensated to post this review. These opinions are 100% mine.


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  2. That sounds like a good one. I love a book that feels "real".


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