Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Review Blog Carnival is Making a Stop Here!!

I am very excited to announce that the Book Review Blog Carnival is stopping on Busy Moms Who Love to Read today!!! What is a Blog Carnival, you ask.
Here are some details:
Description ¤ A carnival dedicated to book reviews. If you review books, please submit a post to and sign up to host, the Book Review Carnival.
Keywords ¤ books, fiction, non fiction, children's books, novels, history, biography
Filed under ¤ art & entertainment
Submission deadline ¤ Midnight, Eastern time, every other Saturday
Submission categories ¤ books, book reviews, fiction, non fiction, biography, history, children's books, novel
Maintained by ¤ Clark Bjorke
Current status ¤ This carnival is ongoing.

In a nutshell - it is a great way to meet other reviewers, learn about some different books and share your love of reading. So the book reviews included in this stop on the carnival are (in no particular order, except the order they were submitted to me=) Please head over and check out some of these reviews, and let them know you found them on the Blog Carnival.

Clark Bjorke presents Man of Constant Sorrow posted at I'll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book!. Dr. Ralph Stanley, old time mountain music singer and banjo player and last surviving member of The Stanley Brothers is still touring with his Clinch Mountain Boys at the age of 92. This is his autobiography. A thoughtful review of the Autobiography of Dr. Ralph Stanley - at talented musician who helped shape the world of country, mountain music and bluegrass.

Sarcozona presents Genome posted at Gravity's Rainbow. A fantastic book on "who we are," from the perspective of our genes. A brief review of a technical book that explains chromosomes.

JHS presents Book Review: Keeping Faith posted at Colloquium. A very thoughtful review by an honest and thorough reviewer. Janie's review of Jodi Picoult's book is worth your time to read.

OutnumberedMama presents Reviews: 25 Essentials: Grilling Fish and Smoking posted at Busy Moms Cooking Up Reviews.  A quick review to cookbooks that focus on two basics of barbecuing.

Yonit presents The 4 Hour Workweek posted at linux server howto. "Working smarter - not harder."

Yonit presents Delivering Happiness – Zappos Style posted at linux server howto. "Interesting book from the CEO of Zappos"

Jim Murdoch presents This is How by M J Hyland posted at The Truth About Lies. "M J Hyland’s latest novel covers the same ground as Camus did in The Stranger (The Outsider, UK), how little does it take for a law-abiding citizen to cross that fine line and become a criminal? And once, having committed a crime, how long does it take before he starts to see himself as a criminal? The book does what it says on the cover, it tells you how but it doesn’t tell you why because why is the question that the protagonist clings to like a life raft throughout this tense and thought-provoking book."

Skip O'Neal presents A Brief Review of Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes posted at THE READING APE. "Matterhorn is a masterly novel that gives a gripping, immersive account of an unimaginable time while managing, in the end, to transcend it. Time will tell, but the Ape won't be surprised to see it one day join the pantheon of American war writing."

Ann Margrain presents Heroin and Cornflakes - Buy the Book posted at Heroin and Cornflakes. “You have a wonderfully twisty-style….I have no idea where I’ll end up, though you safely navigate a very coherent path to a powerful conclusion.“

Jim Murdoch presents Puckoon by Spike Milligan posted at The Truth About Lies. "Spike Milligan was a comic genius most of the time and his first novel, the wonderfully anarchic ‘Puckoon’, is a work of comic genius most of the time. Written at a time when no one had heard about political correctness it makes fun out of one of the most serious events in Ireland’s history, agreeing on the border between Northern and Southern Ireland but that’s only the starting point because Spike doesn’t take anything seriously for long not even writing his own novel. It was first published in 1963 and has never been out of print since."

Jeanne presents The Girl Made of Cool posted at Necromancy Never Pays. "These are short stories written in a sketchy, modernist style. If you're in an arch mood--that kind of cynical, adolescent mood that seems to always have one eyebrow lifted--you'll find that these are interestingly told stories."

The Book Mole presents Cotillion by Georgette Heyer posted at The Book Mole. "A very light and humorous regency romance by Georgette Heyer, with very well-drawn characters and an interesting plot. I recommend this book for the avid romance reader as well as those who are not too fond of the romance genre, but enjoy a well-written narrative filled with humor and delightful characters."

Your Best Library presents How to Start a Conversation posted at Your Best Library. "A review of The Fine Art of Small Talk by Debra Fine."

Jeni presents Beauty Junkies posted at Savvy Skin Care. An interesting review of a book that tackles our coutry's growing obession with beauty and perfection.

KerrieS presents Review: THE SNOWMAN, Jo Nesbo posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE. Scandinavian crime fiction from a top writer: a real page turner, and will not disappoint.
KerrieS presents THE THIRD GIRL, Agatha Christie - audio posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE. Hercule Poirot has a client, a young woman, who comes to see him saying she thinks she has murdered someone. She won't sit down and shuffles on her feet, refusing to meet his eyes. And then she blurts out that he is too old and flees.

BWL presents Master Your Debt | Book Review posted at Christian Personal Finance. How Did We Get Here? And Where Are We? The book starts off with a little bit of history concerning the recession that started just a few short years ago and moves into helping us manage our debts better...

Dona Y. presents The Mommy Files: Secrets Every New Mom Should Know, by Jen Klein posted at Allergy Kid Mom. "I highly recommend this book for every new parent to read and am currently looking for someone I can refer this book to."

You can all add your own book reviews to the next carnival at the Book Review Blog Carnival page on and you can become a fan on Facebook, where carnival events are posted.


  1. Good job Pamela, thank you for hosting the carnival.

  2. Thank you for including my review, as well as your very kind remarks.


  3. I stopped by your blog today. I'd forgotten about Spike Milligan, I used to love him. Wasn't he one of the "goons" with Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers?
    Cozy In Texas
    Less of Me

  4. Thanks for hosting the carnival Pamela

  5. Thanks for the links! I hadn't heard of the Book Carnival before, I'm going to check out some of these reviews!

  6. This is a nicely laid out carnival-- thanks for organizing it. Sorry my book wasn't visual, but that's kind of par for the course at my blog--almost all text, all the time.

  7. Thank you for including my review of "Beauty Junkies." Now I'm interested in reading the book about Zappos because that book sounds interesting as well! And I loved "The 4-Hour Workweek" too.


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