Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Product Review: Blue Calla Book Cover

So you already know that I am completely addicted to reading. I have both the Nook and Kindle Apps on my phone, and I have a paperbound book with me at all times. Well since I love to pass my books on to others after I have finished reading them, I try to keep them in good condition. This can prove difficult when I care it around in my purse everyday. Because as you know I am also a busy mom and as such care the busy mom purse - which most would actually call a tote bag! Which means something as small as a mass market paperback can easily get lost in the abyss. So one day I was tootling around on facebook, looking over the most recent posts from the tons of pages I follow and attempt to keep up on when I came across the cutest book cover I ever saw:
These are the perfect gift for a book lover. It can fit a variety of sizes of paperback novels, keeps the cover from getting damaged and looks amazing!

For this fabric cover, I used a fabric called Napsack in Berry from Joel Dewberry's newest collection called Modern Meadow and the main fabric is a natural cotton/linen blend. The bookmark is an ivory grosgrain ribbon with 2 wooden beads. I used a tab with a velcro closure to keep the cover closed and decorated it with a pink button.
This cover will fit most standard paperbacks that are 4" W x 7.5" H x 3.5" thick (10 cm x 19 cm x 9 cm). It can even fit the larger paperbacks that are 5 " W x 7.75 " H x 3.5 " thick (12.7 cm x 19.7cm x 9 cm).

I just fell in love and had to contact the designer at Blue Calla - Celine. She incredibly graciously sent me out my very own paperback bookcover and asked me to write up a review for her! Since sending me this one, she has been a very busy bee and made a few more styles:

Napsack in Berry                         Geisha Fans in Camel

You can purchase anyone of these in the Blue Calla Etsy Shop! And guess what I worked out this great Rebate offer for you all! Use the code BMWL2R at checkout for a 10% Rebate (contact Celine for more details)


Here's What I Think:
This is just the cutest thing ever. And it is totally functional. They are made of sturdy fabric which will easily protect your paperback covers. It fits snugly enough to hold your book in place, without cramming it in the flaps. It even comes with a handy dandy attached bookmark (I doubt my kids will be able to hide this one from me!). I know I am totally gushing over this, but I just love love love it! If you have a birthday coming up or want to start hinting around for Christmas, you need to slip this web address ( in front of hubby now! Celine also specializes in custom work and would be able to create just the right paperback Book Cover for you! If this was a book review I would be giving you my hourglass rating, and just because I want to be totally clear on how much I adore this book cover I wanted to give this an hourglass rating as well! So hear it is:

Disclaimer: Although I did receive my own Paperback Book Cover from Blue Calla for review purposes, I was in no other way compensated to publish this post. These are my real and honest opinions.


  1. How cute! I really could have used one of these when I used to read on the bus on the way to work.

  2. They are cute. Probably some of the better looking ones I have seen in the past. I used to have a book cover, but it wasn't that nice. Nice review.


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