Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: The Law of the Garbage Truck by David J. Pollay

The Law of the Garbage Truck by David J. Pollay
Book Description: Twenty years ago, while riding in the back of a New York City taxicab, David J. Pollay narrowly escaped a life-threatening car crash. The driver who almost caused the major accident started yelling at David’s taxi driver, who remarkably just smiled, waved and wished the other driver well before he and David drove away. David asked how the cabbie could remain so calm. His reply spawned the defining principle of The Law of the Garbage Truck and left author, David J. Pollay awestruck.  

His driver said: “Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment…And if you let them, they’ll dump it on you. So when someone wants to dump on you, don’t take it personally…move on.”

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About the Author: David J. Pollay, B.A., M.A.P.P., is on a mission to increase happiness, success, and civility in life and business. He is the author of The Law of the Garbage Truck: How to Respond to the People Who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others, published by Sterling Publishing (release date: October 5, 2010). David’s The Law of the Garbage Truck is an international phenomenon that’s revolutionizing the way people relate to each other. “The Law” has been endorsed by psychologists, educators, business and spiritual leaders. Translated into forty-eight languages, David’s No Garbage Trucks! Pledge has been taken by people from more than one hundred countries. He is a syndicated columnist, popular blogger, and an internationally sought-after speaker and seminar leader whose work has been featured on NPR, Sirius Satellite Radio, ABC television, Univision, and in Crain’s New York Business, BusinessWeek Small Biz magazine, and newspapers around the world. He is a founding associate executive director of the International Positive Psychology Association, and a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.Here's What I think: What a concept! I love how relevant this book is to the world we live in today. I have long felt that no one can make you feel bad unless you let them. Pollay's book takes this to a whole other level and teaches you methods on how to make sure it doesn't happen. Civility is something that seems to have been lost in our countries value set. I don't understand it and work hard to not perpetuate it in my own children. But it is difficult when they see it happening around them so frequently. This is the sort of book that should be required reading for anyone with a sore expression on their face! An uplifting and life-changing book, The Law of Garbage is a must be for anyone that is unhappy with the negative path our world is traveling down.

He is president of The Momentum Project, LLC, a consulting organization focused on applying the Law of the Garbage Truck and the science of positive psychology to becoming happier and more successful in business and life. He has held leadership positions at Yahoo!, MasterCard, Global Payments, and AIESEC.
David holds a master’s degree of applied positive psychology (M.A.P.P.) from the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale University. He lives in Florida, with his wife and their two daughters.



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  1. Sounds like a very interesting book! I may give it a shot.

  2. Very interesting and so smart of the cab driver. If you've ever driven in a NY cab or even by one, you will know most of them do not practice that philosophy.


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