Sunday, November 21, 2010

December 2010 Book Club Selection - Sort of

The end of the year is quickly approaching. I wanted to do something slightly different this month. Since I know that everyone is very busy around the holiday season and finding time to read books is few and far between, I wanted to make book club a little easier for everyone! So for the month of December - I would like for everyone to link up the post of your Favorite Book Review on your own site for 2010. All I ask is that you go to that review and add the Book Club logo (just right click and save as picture) to the bottom of the review post. If you are linking up a review that was also once a giveaway, please put in big bold letters if the giveaway has ended - and please do not just link up your current giveaway (I have a linky for that every Thursday!)

I am actually very excited about see what everyone thought was their very favorite book review of the year!!

We will resume voting for and reading a book as a club in January 2011 (seriously had to think to type that!). And if you have some suggestions for a book you would like included in the voting, please list it here!

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