Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whatcha Reading Wednesdays - January 12, 2011

This week's Whatcha Reading Wednesday works like this:
Type in the FIRST Sentence of the Fourteenth Chapter (if your book doesn't have chapters or at least not that many, just type in the first full sentence of the page you are on) REMEMBER TO ALERT TO SPOILERS!
You can participate by leaving your WRW teaser in a comment below, or you can make a post on your own blog and link back to this post in the linky below. Feel free to use the WRW graphic, just please be sure to link back to Busy Moms Who Love to Read.
"No one complained as Thomas herded the rest of them behind Minho." The Scorch Trials by James Dasner
So tell me: Whatcha Reading??

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