Friday, March 11, 2011

Recommending Books to Others

Lately I have been being asked to recommend books to people a lot more than usual. And for some reason I am struggling with this. Since I read such a wide variety of books in no particular genre, I struggle with knowing what to tell people. I have noticed that I am actually the anomaly. Most people like to stick to a specific genre and have a hard time stepping outside of that genre. And since I don't personally do this it's hard for me to understand. And that's where the struggle comes from. I find myself asking all these questions about what sorts of books they read, what types of stories they like, do they like series books or prefer singles. And by the time I get all the information I seriously don't know what to tell them anymore. So my questions to you is, how do you go about recommending a book to someone?

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  1. I usually just ask which genre they like and recommend one from that.....

  2. I don't think you're an anomaly. I always get worried about recommending books to people even if I read a lot in the genre of their preference.

  3. I wish I had an answer for you. I'm like you. I read many different genres. While I tend to read more of some than I do of others, it's more because that's what's made available to me for reviewing purposes.

    I usually ask what they have liked to read in the past, and usually that helps. Or ask about favorites. These only work if they're books – or at least authors – I've at least heard of! ;-)

  4. I just let people know which books I like and why. I don't really like to reccommend, but I like to boast about my favorites.


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