Monday, September 5, 2011

I apologize...

It would seem that my "pregnancy related aversion to reading" is still hanging on. My little girl is three and half months old now and I still am not bouncing back. It's hard for me to even admit that I honestly have not read a book in over 4 weeks! I have been keeping myself busy with lots of writing - I actually started taking on Freelance writing jobs - I am even thinking about having  custom office signs made to announce myself to the passersby. 
I know there are lots of books that I want to read - the newest Fallen Angels by JR Ward has come out, and I know the new Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs is due soon. I don't know what my deal is. I do have very little downtime with school starting, my oldest playing football and my little girl teething, but I used to find time to read before.... I started to think it was just not the right books, but I have tried so many different ones and none have seemed to catch my interest enough to really want to keep reading.

Any suggestions?? 


  1. Be gentle with yourself. That's the most important thing. Don't take on so many expectations. You have a baby & an older child to care for. I never read any books for fun when my kids were very young. With my oldest, I went back to school part-time when he was 6 months old & between him, school, my volunteer activities, etc., I was maxed out. When my second was born, I was in my third year of law school. Frankly, with graduating, taking the Bar, establishing my practice, it was a few YEARS before I had time to read for pleasure. I am able to do so now because my boys are grown -- they are young men in college -- and even though I work full-time & am in 3 bands, I still have time to read.

    You will get back to reading when your life allows for it. The books will wait. Your kids won't. That's about the only "wisdom" I can offer on the subject.


  2. Congratulations very exciting. Enjoy all the moments don't worry reading will come. I actually have mystery book giveaway that may help, heard of the maternal instincts mystery by Diana Orgain.

  3. I had the same feeling shortly after my third was born. I didn't have time to open a book, let alone actually read a sentence out of it.

    I think I started reading more ebooks on my iPod after that. I could push a button and the story was there, then set it down and it would remember my place while I changed a diaper or whatever.


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