Tuesday, February 2, 2010

J.R. Ward is amazing!

After reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series I was convinced that J.R. Ward was definitely in my Top 3 favorite authors. I have just finished the first book in her next series - Covet A Novel of the Fallen Angels, and she has officially been moved up to my number one spot! She this incredible ability to implant the preternatural world right into the real world and make it seem totally normal and plausible. The imagery created by her words create a movie in your mind of what's happening. She also has this way of holding you in suspense and then spring a twist on you out of no where. So many other authors, make their foreshadowing really obvious and then you know what is going to be the outcome of the story. However, Ward manages to slip in the absolute right innuendos that give nothing away at first but once you put them all together you have the outcome in front of you. Another very cool aspect of the two series' is that they are interconnected without being a repeat of the same stories. They both take place in the same town - Caldwell, NY - at the same time. So there are some of the same characters, but so far it is only minor characters from the Black Dagger books play major rolls in the Fallen Angel series. I am waiting, so very impatiently, for the next Black Dagger Book - Lover Mine - to come out in late April, 2010. And even more impatiently, I am awaiting the announcement of the release of the next in Fallen Angel Series. Especially, since she has fully set it up for at least 6 more books, because each will focus on one of the 7 deadly sins. You can visit J.R. Ward's personal website at www.jrward.com . You can purchase the book new on Amazon or you can put it on your wish list on PaperBackSwap.
 Have you read these books? Which was your favorite?

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  1. Sounds really great, I've never read any of them.


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