Friday, April 2, 2010

The April 2010 Busy Moms Online Book Club Selection is...

The votes are in and the majority picked Love @ First Site by Jane Moore. Yay! I was secretly hoping for this one and I am already half way through it. It's a really great read!

Love @ First Site by Jane Moore Spunky, sweet-natured Jessica Monroe is thirty-four years old and perfectly happy being single. Her girlfriends, however, disapprove. And when they secretly place a personal ad on a hot singles website on her behalf, Jess is reluctantly hurtled into the topsy-turvy world of online dating. A laugh-out-loud whirlwind of disastrous dates ensues, from Simon, who seems dreamy over e-mail but ditches her at the dinner table, leaving her with the bill, to Graham, a self-described “Ferrari driver” who turns out to be a car salesman—with several (old, fat, bald, creepy, cheap, stuck-up) men in between. When an unforeseen event turns her world upside down, Jess starts to wonder if the qualities she thinks she wants in a man—gorgeous, wildly successful, with a taste for fun and the finer things—really are what she ultimately needs . . . and whether, as a new mystery suitor appears in her e-mail inbox, Cupid has other possibilities up his sleeve.

If you would like to sign to participate in this month's book club reading, please read the guidelines here and then leave your name and link to your blog in the linky below:


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  1. Great blog! I found you on the blog hop!

  2. Am definitely going to enjoy your blog!!! Lots going on and looking forward to future posts. Thank you for following me and am a new follower here.
    CMash Loves To Read

  3. am really excited about the book..need to review the rules for entry..and the join in!!!

  4. I just discovered your blog through Teresa's Reading Corner. How much fun! I am indeed a Busy Mom who loves to read. i am now a follower.
    I don't t hink I'll join the book club this month but will keep an eye out for what you read in the coming months and may hop on board then!

    take care,

  5. This month's selection (April--Love @ First Site) was difficult for me to find. I had it listed on Goodreads Swap but never was able to find an available copy. They didn't even have it at my local library (weird). Anyway, I broke down and bought the book today and am looking forward to reading it just as soon as I finish my Patterson book. Thanks again for such a great idea!!


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