Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review: The Way to Stillness by Vincent & Alexander

The Way to Stillness by Anne Alexander Vincent and Gayle Alexander
 Book Description:
Gayle Alexander looks back over a fifty-year career as a master counselor, gifted teacher, and minister. Gayle and her daughter, Anne, share her unique approach to connecting with others at a deep level, offering a practical guide that anyone might use as a manual on their spiritual journey. This approach has come to be known the world over as the Love Motif. Full of rich insight, and profound, inspiring life lessons gleaned from fifty years of private practice and being a companion on the way to thousands of individuals, Alexander offers powerful tools to a new generation of helpers. It is her hope that educators, clergy members, physicians, clinicians, therapists, counselors, and anyone involved in the mentoring process find their own Way to Stillness and pass it on.

About the Author:
Gayle Alexander is the creator of the Spiritual Journeys for Women Program in Nashville, TN, and was owner of Gayle Alexander & Associates for almost half a century. She and her eldest daughter, Anne Alexander Vincent, have worked together for more than twenty-five years leading retreats on spirituality and meditation in Switzerland and the U.S., and developing and nurturing the spirits of individuals, families, and organizations. Anne continues her mothers legacy through her wooded retreat practice Cottage in the Woods in Nashville, TN. She is an Ordained Minister of Pastoral Counseling and a Trauma and Addictive Disorders Therapist.

Here's What I think:
You might find it weird that a stay-at-home mom would want to read a book such as this. It is targeted at educators, clergy members, physicians, clinicians, therapists and counselors. But truly, as a mom, we are all those things at one point or another. Furthermore, I do have a minor in Psychology and I am a certified massage therapist (though not practicing). I really enjoyed the layout of the book. Essentially Alexander takes you on a journey of her career and shares the lessons she learned and that helped her to become a better counselor. I will point out that if you are a more scientific care-provider you might not gain as much from reading this as someone with a more spiritual approach. The book is broken up into short passage, each with their own concept discussed. You could almost use this book as a daily reader, providing you with a piece of information to start out each day. The book is very insightful, concise and encouraging.

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Disclaimer: Although I did receive a copy of The Way to Stillness from Rebecca at Cadence Group, I was in no other way compensated to post this review.

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