Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whatcha Reading Wednesday

Please use the MckLinky so that you can post your "Whatcha Reading Wednesdays" teaser on your own blog and then link back to my blog. Please give it a try - and yes you can use my graphic, just please mention me in your post! You can also of course just leave a comment here!

So this is how "Whatcha Reading Wednesdays" works

You grab the book you are currently reading, open it to a TOTALLY RANDOM page and go to a random place on the page and select two full sentences. Then leave a comment with just the two sentences, the page number, title and author of the book, or use the Linky. If it is a spoiler at all be sure to put **Spoiler Alert** at the top of your comment (like if the selection announces the death of an integral character or something). But I really doubt that two sentences on a random page are going to give away the plot - =). This is supposed to fun and enlightening and I really hope you guys do this!

Here is mine for this week:

She started at Willy in confusion. If he honestly believed Garret had debauched her, if he's seen their entire encounter, why hadn't he endeavored to stop them before anything happened?
page 81, A Touch of Scandal by Jennifer Haymore - Releasing later this month

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  1. I have another suggestion! Consider adding yourself to the meme directory at Our Mommyhood:

  2. Can't wait to see what everyone is reading :)

  3. This is a great idea. Here's my excerpt: A friend of my wife's once commented that I appeared to be a "new soul". The comment, though made in good cheer, was a way of saying that I was a banal, happy-go-lucky suburban doofus who loves golf, steak, and Patrick Swayze movies.

    preface,"Straight Down the Middle" by author Josh Karp. Very entertaining and funny.


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