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Review & Giveaway: Foxy My Life in Three Acts by Pam Grier

Foxy My life in Three Acts by Pam Grier with Andrea Cagan

Book Description:
Some may know her as hot, gutsy, gun-totin' Foxy Brown, Friday Foster, Coffy, and Jackie Brown. Others may know her from her role as Kit Porter on The L Word. But that only defines one part of the legend that is Pam Grier. Foxy is Pam's testimony of her life, past and present. In it, she reveals her relationships with Richard Pryor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Freddie Prinze Sr., among others. She unveils her experiences as a backup singer and a blaxploitation star. In particularly candid and shocking chapters, she shares-for the first time-her view of those films and the persecution that blacks, especially women, needed to endure to make a name for themselves .
About the Author:
Pam Grier started her career in the early 1970s, starring in a string of moderately successful women-in-prison films and blaxploitation films, and has generally remained in the public eye, starring in movies such as Coffy, Foxy Brown, and Jackie Brown.

After taking a short break from Hollywood, Pam returned to films in the 80s, like Fort Apache the Bronx, Something Wicked this Way Comes, and Above the Law. She also made a guest appearances on Miami Vice and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Pam also played Kit Porter on the controversial hit show "The L Word" on Showtime. She occasionally guest-stars in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where she plays a recurring character. She spends her free time on her ranch in Colorado.

Andrea Cagan cowrote the Grace Slick autobiography Somebody to Love?. Her most recent collaborations hit national bestseller lists, including Marianne Williamson's A Return to Love and Diana Ross's Secrets of a Sparrow. She has also written with Lynda Obst.

Here's What I Think:
Often time, autobiographies are full of dates and data that is just not all that interesting. I get frustrated when a biography, especially of a major celebrity, is nothing more than an encyclopedia entry of their life. Grier was able to make me feel like I was sitting in cozy living room with, chatting about the "good ol' days", even if they weren't all "good". I also really enjoyed the breakdown of the book - the three acts. She talks about her childhood and her relationship with her mother. Then it goes into the meat of her acting career - one of my favorite parts is her discussion of what it was like to make movies with no money! And she wraps it up with a very poignant talk of her battle with cancer - proving that she is a survivor through and through. This book was really engaging and I enjoyed it a lot. Sometimes when I read biographies,  I don't feel like I used my reading time wisely. Not the case with this one! I thoroughly enjoyed with read.
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  1. I remember Foxy Brown. My husband and I saw all of her movies when we were dating.

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  3. I really enjoyed her as Kit on The L Word. I was a big fan of that show and I think she brought balance, diversity, and interest to a really talented ensemble.


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  4. Foxy Brown... I also think it's awesome that she is open to such diverse roles.

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  6. I remember the most Foxy Brown!
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  8. I discovered Pam with her career resurrecting role in Jackie Brown.

  9. I remember Pam Grier most from Fort Apache the Bronx :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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