Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blog Carnival is up - and looking for new hosts!

Hey fellow bloggers - first off

Happy Fourth of July!!

As you may have seen in the past, I am host for the Blog Carnival for book reviews. The creator is in need of some new hosts and of course I thought of you all, my loyal readers. If you are interested in hosting please send me an email - polsen11atcomcastdotnet - and I will pass you along to Clark.

If you want to check out more of what I am talking about, head over to JHS's site - Colloquium - for this week's edition: This post is in the 47th
Book Review Blog Carnival


  1. Dumb question: What exactly is the Blog Carnival?

  2. In a nutshell - it is a great way to meet other reviewers, learn about some different books and share your love of reading. So the book reviews included in this stop on the carnival are (in no particular order, except the order they were submitted to me=) Please head over and check out some of these reviews, and let them know you found them on the Blog Carnival.
    I think your site would be great for it!
    If you host, you will get emails for the two weeks leading up to your post date for each submission and then you just put them together any way you choose. Here is the one I did a few weeks back:

    Here is the website for submission:

  3. Oh and that's not a dumb questions LOL

  4. Happy 4th to you as well!! Enjoy and aloha!

  5. OK, so basically it's just you're sharing others' reviews on your blogs, with links to them? (Just wanna make sure I get this straight - don't wanna sign up for something without first understanding it!)

  6. You are spot on with that. And no worries, you always want to know what you are getting yourself into, lol.


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