Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blog Reader Appreciation - June 2010

I just saw this over on the Proud Book Nerd's Blog and thought it was an awesome thing to do! Then I realized I was on her list!!! So I knew I had to participate in this pay it forward Blog Reader Appreciation Day!

I get to THANK all of my wonderful readers for doing just that – reading my blog! I also get to give special thanks to those who send others my way. THANK YOU! It means more than I can say.

This was started by Kelli at 3 Boys & a Dog.

Here’s how it works:

Go into your tracking service (I use Google Analytics) and set the time period for June 1st – June 30th.
Find the sites that have referred readers to you and put them in order from most sends to lowest.

Write a post (like this one) listing your top 10 referrers.

Link that post up in Kelli’s MckLinky, which isn’t up yet – she posts hers on the third.

It would be appreciated if you could link back to this post, you know – return the favor!

Thank you to my top 10 referrers for June!

(I do not list my own sites, engines, Twitter, FaceBook, etc… I list bloggers and mom entrepreneurs!)

Thanks you so so so much for all of your support!


  1. Isn't it awesome to see how others' links are helping bring readers?

  2. Welcome to the 6th Blogger Appreciation Day! :-) I am LOVING doing it, seeing where my traffic is coming from, and seeing where I should be concentrating a bit more effort. LOL! Thanks so much for playing along, I hope to see you each month!

  3. I am happy to have made the list! You know I am one of your faithful followers and love your blog....

  4. @hamm1299 - it really is. I never really looked at "where" people are coming from, just how many.

    @kelly - thanks so much for hosting this. It is such a cool idea and I definatley plan to do it each month!

    @Julie P - I was so happy to see you on the list too! And let me tell you the feeling in mutual, you have a great blog!

  5. Happy Blogger Appreciation Day! It's really cool to see where your referrals come from!



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