Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BBI with Heather from Proud Book Nerd

Hello and welcome to another Book Blogger Interrogation! I have had the pleasure of getting to know a number of very cool book bloggers from all over the blogosphere. I thought it would be fun to put them under the heat lamp so to speak and get some answers to some fun questions. Today I want you to meet Heather (ham1299) from Proud Book Nerd. She found me a few months back and I am so glad she did. She is an active member of the BMWL2R community and we are so happy to have her. Now I want you to get to know her a little better.

1. Tell me the number one reason you love to read.

It's fun. I get to meet new people, visit new places, experience things I wouldn't otherwise!
2. What is it about sharing your reviews that keeps you going?

Occasionally someone will say I inspired them to read a book they weren't sure about. Or, I've introduced something new to someone. That makes it worthwhile. If I can share my love of reading with just one person, I am happy.
3. Who is your all-time favorite author?

I love so many different books, so many different authors, so many different genres. It's IMPOSSIBLE for me to choose just one! Tops that come to mind off the top of my head: J.K. Rowling, Michael J. Sullivan (of The Crown Conspiracy), L.M. Montgomery, and many others.
4. What is your all-time favorite book (single or series)?

Umm ... probably the Harry Potter books, Anne of Green Gables (and the rest of the series), or The Riyria Revelations by Michael J. Sullivan
5. If you could pick one fictional character and bring them to life, who would it be?

      Anne Shirley

6. Do you always finish a book, even if you know you don’t like it half way in?

I try to. Sometimes it takes awhile for it to get good. I keep thinking it's gotta get better. It is VERY rare that I don't finish a book
7. Do you own an eReader? If yes, why? If no, why not?

No. It doesn't appeal to me at all. I like curling up with a book, turning pages, the smell of a new book ... plus, I HATE reading on the screen!
8. What is your all-time single favorite genre to read?

9. Here’s your chance to plug your book review blog, twitter, facebook, etc. You know, make a general plea for people to like you…

Proud Book NerdI'm so not good on selling myself! LOL I read because I love it. I blog for the same reason. Hopefully my love of reading and blogging come through. I try to respond to comments on my site, because I believe in maintaining a dialogue with my readers. (Plus, I totally hate when my comments on others' blogs seem to go ignored!) I truly hope that everyone who follows/subscribes does so because they like what they see.
I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Heather - ham1299 - I know I did. Come back next week to meet Sapphire Reads from One Page at a Time!


  1. Thank you so much, Pam! That was fun! :-)

  2. Thanks for posting this - I had fun reading all about my bestie, Heather! :-)

  3. This is a nice idea! I just recently found The Proud Book Nerd and visit regularly.


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