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Review: Love, Sex & Deception by Lisa & Claire Hultin

Love, Sex & Deception by Lisa & Claire Hultin

Book Description:
Have you ever had an unforgettable date? Sure you have, but did he arrive dressed as Elvis and it wasn't Halloween? What about the guy who said, "I'm divorced" but failed to mention having since remarried? Learn how to be a savvy shopper of the online menu and gain the important investment anyone makes-your affection, trust and time.

Lisa and Claire Hultin are a mother-daughter team, who date online, compare notes and have collected real life experiences from men and women who are dipping their toes into online dating exposing the real "cyber-scene." They share insight, tips, tricks and entertaining stories that reveal the perils and successes you can encounter while navigating through the Internet jungle.

Learn positive strategies and what to look out for from finding true love and great sex to the deception and outrageous incidents people experience in online "dating limbo." This self-help, high comedy and drama all wrapped up in narratives gives you a titillating bird's eye view of what you can encounter if you take the plunge. Reality is the best education!
About the Author:
Lisa Hultin begin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in telecommunications from Liberty University, Lynchburg,Virginia. She started off her political career working as an intern in the U.S. House of Representatives for Congressman Wayne Dowdy from McComb, Mississippi. Lisa Hultin then married and lived overseas in the city of Goteborg, Sweden.

After relocating to Atlanta, GA she worked on the production for the TV pilot "The Profiler" which later became a renowned television series. A woman of many entrepreneurial skills, she became the owner of Maywood O.P. and the MM company, which is a commercial real-estate property in Jackson, Mississippi.
Furthermore, she started her own Scandinavian import/export business in which she exported Scandinavian fireplaces made from the finest decorative tiles.
Lisa was also a major fundraiser for Atlanta charities and cultural organizations such as The Atlanta Opera and March Of Dimes. She also hosted the Alliance Theatre Christmas House.
Lisa is also the writer of the blog for http://www.lovesexanddeception.com/ and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Claire Hultin has recently published her first book entitled: The Doctrine Of Lucid Dreaming and is also the founder of http://www.dreaminglucidly.com/. She specializes in topics such as psychology, oneirology, (the study of dreams) and international business. Claire is also the owner of an LLC called Electronic Novelties © which is a business that specifically deals with the import/export of electronics and Scandinavian products. She has also recently invented Multi-Microchip Clocks © and is currently working on a highly innovative program that is related to memory retention and extensive learning. Her personalized website http://www.clairehultin.com/ elaborates more in depth on her projects.

Claire is also a strong social-political activist and humanitarian but is currently focusing on transformational activism. She strives to volunteer her time and effort with the SIA Orphan Association, AOA-Asian Orphan’s Association, and the non profit organization called, SCE-Stop Child Executions, which is an organization that raises awareness and aims to put an end to child executions in Iran.
Claire also assisted with non-profit organizations that are relevant to the explosive and shocking genocide in Darfur. Such organizations are STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition, UNHCR, The Genocide Intervention Network, and the Save Darfur Coalition.

Here's What I Think:

I have to start with a huge disclaimer - I AM A HAPPILY MARRIED WOMAN WITH NO NEED TO DATE!! I thought this would be an interesting read and might help me out when my friends that do still date come to me for advice. And I was right. Each themed chapter - Like Dates from Hell and Lying - includes real life anecdotes from the dating world accompanied by the Hultin Ladies' tips and advice on how to avoid and/or overcome such travesties. It is a very light hearted look at real-life situations.  The stories range from funny to sad to particularly frightening. If you like to people watch, you would like this book. And I think that if you are looking for some help in the dating world, online or not, you would benefit from this book.

Disclaimer: Although I did receive a copy of this title for review, I was in no other way compensated to write this review. This is my honest opinion of this title.

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