Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: The Hurricane Murders by David Holmberg

The Hurricane Murders by David Holmberg
Book Description: In his hard-edged noir novel The Hurricane Murders, David Holmberg explores the shattered dreams of a Florida mother and daughter, and the complex inner workings of a beleaguered newspaper.
Jake Arnett, a reporter in Florida, is working for a newspaper that's in trouble financially. During the hurricane season, he covers the murder of two women who exemplify the still-surviving idea that Florida is an escape hatch, the destination of choice for people seeking a so-called “new life.” Arnett fits the description himself, so he identifies strongly with the victims; meanwhile, the most deadly storm in recent history approaches the coast. Using every ounce of investigative skill, commitment and compassion he can muster, Arnett works to uncover the truth, against a backdrop of decline and despair in print journalism that jeopardizes the newspaper he works for, and the life and career of his closest friend.

About the Author: David Holmberg has written for The Village Voice, The Nation, The New York Times Magazine, and The New York Times regional edition. He was a long-time reporter for newspapers in New York, Washington, Miami, and Philadelphia, covering major stories in this country and abroad. His novel, Beyond Recognition, was published in 1995, and a short story, "History," in 2003. He lives in Montclair, N.J.

Here's What I think: Though this story is intense and engaging the use of foul language and dark humor is a little over the top for me. The setting and characters are well crafted. The main character, Jake, is exactly what you picture when you think of those "old-school" reporters that actually cared about reporting the truth and not just getting the best headline. Really this novel is an interesting thought on the downward spiral our newspapers have taken. We are losing the real reporters like Jake Arnett and as a result losing our papers in general. The mystery aspect of this story is well planned and very interesting. I will point out that although there was a lot of foul language, it was not necessarily out of place in the story, as it fit the character and/or situation for the most part. I think this novel was ended on a note that definitely lends itself to a sequel, possibly even a series.


Disclaimer: Although I did receive a copy of the this title for review purposes, I was in no other way compensated to publish this post. These are my real and honest opinions.

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