Friday, February 3, 2012

Step in the Right Direction

Contribution by Saul Martin
I travel a great deal for work. Most weeks I am out of town Monday until Thursday or Friday. Leaving my wife and kids has always made me nervous. Nothing has happened to make me overly concerned; I’ve never even had something stolen out of my car. I guess it’s just all the news coverage you see about break-ins and thefts that have me concern as well as the crime statistics I’ve read. To ease my mind, we had adt chicago come set up a home alarm system a couple of weeks ago. I sleep better at night knowing there is an extra layer of protection there for my family. My wife says she loves coming home and deactivating the alarm. She can tell no one has been in or is in the house. The kids fight over who gets to press the code to deactivate it or set it before they go to bed at night. I think it was a step in the right direction to keeping my family out of harm’s way!

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