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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Showing off my collection to my home's visitors

Guest post written by Michaele Brown
When I welcome people into my home, I like for them to enjoy all of the things that I enjoy so much about it. I think that anybody and everybody feels that way about their own home. But there are a few little things that are a little odd that I like to show off in my home that people are always surprised about, all of my PEZ dispensers. I fell in love with the dispensers, not so much the candy, when I was little and would always spend my allowance on them. Now I have quite a collection to show off and want to do that for all of my guests who visit my house.
I've kept most of my PEZ dispensers on a bookshelf and they're always falling over. So I clearly need a new system and I've bee thinking shadow boxes. As I was online looking for some PEZ-shaped shadow boxes I saw some info on and knew that I had to check out the website to see if any of that stuff could really help out with our family's finances.
I think that I might just have to get my husband to build me some specialized shadow boxes to fit all of the PEZ dispensers.