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Rating System

The inevitable has happened, I need to come up with a standardized rating system for my reviews. I have been avoiding this because I think it is too hard and not right to compare books that are not comparable. But it seems that it is much easier for you guys to scan my reviews if I use a rating system. So I sat down and racked my brain to come up with a system. The one thing that stuck out the most in my rating criteria is "Was it worth my time?" Hence the Hourglass Icon. I am a busy mom (hello, have your read the title of the blog?), so my reading time is precious. It comes in spurts and has to be rationed out. So a book has to be worth my time for me to rave about it. I will essentially use the standard 4 "star" rating system but it will be 4 Hourglasses. To break it down by levels here is what a particular rating will mean to me:

One Hourglass: A total waste of reading time. I probably didn't even finish the book, and if I did, it was because it was 300 pages or less. It also means that I probably wouldn't read anything else by this author, if it's the first time I have read from that author, and I might read another title, if I have read from the author before and was okay with other titles.

Two Hourglasses: Meh - is the best way I can describe it. It wasn't at total stinker, but either the plot or the style of writing just didn't grab me. I would probably give the author another chance, if the synopsis was engaging enough.

 Three Hourglasses: I am not sad/mad I read it through. It could have been a stronger plotline or the characters need work.
Four Hourglasses:  A good use of my reading time. The story was strong, I liked the style of writing and I would most definitely read from this author again.

Five Hourglasses: I am in reading heaven! I couldn't read it fast enough. If it part of series, I have probably already started the next one. If it is not part of series, I have written a pleading note to the author to request more! At least one of the characters has me by the heart and the flow of the writing is perfection.