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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can I be saved by the Brotherhood??

What an incredible series! The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward is a cornucopia of emotions. Ward captures so many different personalities in this series. Normally, I do not like series books that rotate main characters. However, Ward does a great job of simple rotating the focus for each book. The same storyline continues but the main perspective changes. The story goes back and forth between the main issues that they are all facing and each brother's personal story.
The Brotherhood is made up of a group of Vampires that were specially bred (think Knights in Medieval Times) to defend the Vampire race against the Lessen Society (think Vampire Slayers on Steroids). Each book in the series focuses on one Brother and their own personal struggle to find their place and their mate. Mating for this species is rather intense and visceral, resulting in some of the most passionate love scenes I have read so far.
Here are the books in reading order:
1. Dark Lover - Wrath
2. Lover Eternal - Rhage
3. Lover Awakened - Zsadist
4. Lover Revealed - Dhestroyer
5. Lover Unbound - Vischous
6. Lover Enshrined - Phury
7. Lover Avenged - Rhevenge
8. Lover Mine - Therror - Due out April 2010
(You can click on any of the Book Titles to Order the book From Amazon)

My two favorites of the series are Lover Awakened and Lover Avenged. Although I have a feeling that Lover Mine is going to take over the top spot once it comes out. You can learn more about J.R. Ward at
Which is your favorite Brother and Why?

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