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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Online Monthly Book Club - April - Love @ First Site - Discussion Questions

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you have not yet read this book but intend to you may want to finish it before you read the discussion questions. There are some spoilers herein!
April 2010 - Love @ First Site by Jane Moore
Spunky, sweet-natured Jessica Monroe is thirty-four years old and perfectly happy being single. Her girlfriends, however, disapprove. And when they secretly place a personal ad on a hot singles website on her behalf, Jess is reluctantly hurtled into the topsy-turvy world of online dating. A laugh-out-loud whirlwind of disastrous dates ensues, from Simon, who seems dreamy over e-mail but ditches her at the dinner table, leaving her with the bill, to Graham, a self-described “Ferrari driver” who turns out to be a car salesman—with several (old, fat, bald, creepy, cheap, stuck-up) men in between. When an unforeseen event turns her world upside down, Jess starts to wonder if the qualities she thinks she wants in a man—gorgeous, wildly successful, with a taste for fun and the finer things—really are what she ultimately needs . . . and whether, as a new mystery suitor appears in her e-mail inbox, Cupid has other possibilities up his sleeve.

Told with Jane Moore's sparkling wit, wisdom, and sass, Love @ First Site is an irresistible tale about what happens when we start to look for love between the lines on a computer screen—and a winning, unputdownable look at contemporary romance.

I hope you all enjoyed Love @ First Site as much as I did. Jane Moore has a very interesting style of relaying a story, and i just can't get enough of it.

Book Club discussion questions: (the answers in pink are my own personal responses)
  1.  On a scale of 1 (lamer than lame) and 5(super fantastic) rate the following:
    1. Style of Writing - 4 out of 5
    2. Development of Characters - 4 out of 5
    3. Flow of storyline - 5 out of 5
    4. Over all book - 4.5 out of 5
  2. If you were in Jessica's very specific personal situation (but still you, not her), and your friends presented you with the same present on your birthday, what would your reaction have been? I would have to say, my knee jerk reaction would be to run crying and screaming from the restaurant. It would take me several days to get a hold of myself but them I probably would have bucked up and started browsing!
  3. What was your most favorite part? When Ben revealed his alter ego!! I so, completely and totally did not see that coming. I had been hoping and hoping since Ben was introduced that she would end up with him and it just didn't seem likely at all! I also really liked the bit with Anne and the Sunshine House.
  4. What was your least favorite part? Simon, as a whole!!! What a "wanker" as they would say in this book! I was also very disturbed by Dan and the kissing and telling part! That was just a mess.
  5. What did you "not see coming"? Other than the whole Ben's alter-ego, I did not see Liv getting so ill. It was a very interesting aspect of the story. But it was important for the storyline, for it be realistic. That sort of thing does happen at times when other things seem so important that really are not, in the grand scheme of things.
  6. Would you have given Simon a second chance? I think my curiosity might have gotten the better of me, just as Jess's did. But I would hope that I would see the light before it got quite as far as it did in the story.
  7. How do you feel about the whole Kara thing? I was thrilled when Jess finally and completely told her off! She so deserved it. With Jess's whole growing up and moving on with real life, it was important for her to shed her friendship with Kara.
  8. Will you read any more of Moore's books? This is the second novel by Moore I have read. The other was Fourplay and I loved that one too. I have already added The Ex-Files and The Second Wives Club to my TBR List!!
You can post your answers to these questions, as well as any comments and questions to other members in a comment using the link at the bottom of this post. Or you can create a post on your own blog and link back to us using the MckLinky! Hopefully we can start a dialogue about this book. Please remember that this Book Club is a new concept for me so an constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. I want this to be OUR club not MINE!


  1. I have not been able to find this book ANYWHERE. None of the local bookstores have it and I've tried the library as well. I might not be able to get it in time to participate in this months discussion even though I signed up. I am so disappointed.

  2. You are not alone on this. Apparently it is a difficult book to locate. have you tried PaperBack Swap? That is where I got my copy. Do not worry if you can't get to by the end of the month. There is always next month. =)

  3. Hi there! Here are my answers to the book club questions. Hope you don't mind, but I didn't want to retype all of your questions, so I just referenced the question number and then my answer.

    1. Style of Writing 4/5
    Development of Characters 5/5
    Flow of Storyline 4/5
    Overall Book 4/5

    2. I would have told my friends to kiss my behind! I don't think I would have taken advantage of their "gift".

    3. When Jess finally stood up for herself to her "friend" Kara. She put up with abuse for so long that I found myself cheering when she finally let her have it!

    4. I hated it when Jess got drunk and asked Ben if he was gay! I thought she might have blown it with him at that point.

    5. Olivia being diagnosed with breast cancer really threw me for a loop! It was odd to find such a serious detail in a "chick-lit" book that was so hilarious. I really liked it though. I think it added to the story as a whole.

    6. I don't think I would have. I think I would have had a hard time trusting him at that point.

    7. As I mentioned above, this was my favorite part of the book. I was so happy that Jess finally stood up for herself as far as that situation was concerned!

    8. I am not sure. I really enjoyed this book, but my TBR list is so incredibly long that I don't know if I will be able to fit her in any time soon.

  4. @Julie - I had practically forgotten about her asking Ben if he was gay. I was worried about the same thing! I agree that Olivia's cancer was a little intense for a Chick Lit novel but that is something I like about Moore. She keeps it more realistic.
    Thanks so much for participating. I hope you placed your vote for next month's book!

  5. I did place my vote, but my book is currently in 2nd place. If the Meg Cabot book wins, I will skip May--I just read that book about two weeks ago! LOL

  6. You could still come back and answer the questions =).


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