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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Ten Picks: Favorite Authors

This weeks category is favorite Authors. I want to point out that I mostly read contemporary novels, so please don't knock my sort of "non-philosophical" picks. I make an author my favorite because I like the way they paint a picture with words. Thanks to Jillian @ Random Ramblings (by the way she has changed her URL so if you haven't already double check that you have the correct one in your readers) for hosting this super fun meme!

Top Ten Picks is a weekly meme where I would be posting just about that -- my top 10 picks! Every week, there will be a different and specific topic given.I will then choose 10 of my picks from that given category, create the list, and post them up here!

For this week, our topic is on our favorite Authors! In no particular order..

I could totally go on and on, but I will stick to the Top 10 criteria. So who are your top 10 Favorite Authors?? I would love to see them!


  1. You and I have very similar tastes--the only 2 on there I haven't read (yet) are Larissa Ione and Kim Harrison so I probably would have listed Lara Adrian and Sherrilyn Kenyon :) Oh and instead of Beverly Cleary I would have Dana Fuller Ross (but I grew up reading the Wagon West series)!

  2. MaryJanice Davidson is one of my favorites as well. She's just so funny! I just bought the box set of the first 6 BDB since JR Ward seems to be a favorite for lots of bloggers. I can't wait to see what everyone has been raving about.

  3. 1. Stephen King
    2. Diana Gabaldon
    3. Terry Goodkind
    4. Sue Grafton
    5. Jennifer Weiner
    6. Ken Follett
    7. Orson Scott Card
    8. Laura Ingalls Wilder
    9. Phillippa Gregory
    10.Isabel Allende

  4. @Felicia - if you like Lara Adrian and JR Ward, you will like Kim Harrison and Larissa Ione! Give them a go!

    @Zoe - great list, I like Sue Grafton too!

    @Jennifer - you are going to love it!!! And good that you have several, you will want to start the next right away each time, until you are like me - ie. foaming at the mouth for the next one that doesn't come out till sometime next year! LOL

  5. How cool is that I use to love Beverly Clearly as a kid.
    I just gave you The Versatile Blogger Award. I think you do a great job

  6. I'm glad to see Louisa May Alcott here as well :) And of course I have to agree with you with Beverly Cleary..


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