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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can You Read While Doing Other things?

What of my favorite things about having reading as a hobby is that it can be done while doing other things, without being counterproductive. For example - most fitness equipment like treadmills and elipitcals are totally conducive to reading while using. Although I suppose trying to read on one of the rowing machines could get a little hairy. But you can also read while waiting at the DMV or the doctor's office. You can read while sitting at your child's sports, music, dance or whatever kind of practice. 
The trick to being able to read while doing other things is that you have to be able to hold your place on a page - look up, engage in something else, and get back to the same spot without having to reread the same sentence fifteen times. This is a skill that not ever reader - regardless of how experienced - has. From talking to many friends that are avid readers I have come to the conclusion that you either got it or don't. So do you have it? 


  1. I've got it! Thank goodness, or I'd never finish a book! *L*

  2. I am a mom of three, and the queen of multitasking. I got a Nook for Christmas from a friend, so that makes the saving the page thing a lot easier, and the holding the book with one hand thing. I read while picking my oldest up from his dads for scouts, while picking my husband up from work. Sitting in the multitude of doctor's office waiting rooms that we frequent on a regular basis. At least one person in my house has an appointment with one doctor or another once a week, on average, sometimes more. The strangest place I have ever read is stuck at a railroad crossing waiting for a 117 car cargo train to pass! It took almost 30 minutes.

  3. I don't have it! I read the same sentence over again but sometimes it's to make sure I didn't miss a single sentence of the book. I know, it's crazy!

    I really like your blog and how it reaches out to busy moms out there. I myself am a stay at home mom and just started my blog where I do some book reviews, mommy tips, beauty reviews and tips and some DIY Projects! I hope you can stop by my page and follow back as well!

  4. Enjoyed your topic! For me, my digifit makes it easy for me to read while working out at the same time.

  5. I love to read while doing other things! Right now I am finishing a new book while folding laundry, reading online and researching a new ecurrency trading platform called Virtex that I want to be a part of. So glad I can multitask!


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