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Monthly Book Club Rules

I have looked all over the Internet for an online book club that I wanted to join. I found a few but they all had one not so great thing in common - you have to be online at a certain time on a certain day to participate in the actual discussion - and that so just doesn't work for me! The site is called Busy Moms for a reason! So I (along with the help of another site member) decided to set up a different sort of book club. Here is how it will work:
  1. On the first of each month the book selection will be announced (suggestions are greatly appreciated, but please, if it's a series book, only pick the first in the series). If you are going to participate please leave a comment stating that you are on board for that month, with your email so I can send out a reminder to come back and answer the questions (anti-spam version is fine: yourname[at]yourserver[dot]come).
  2. The Sunday of the fourth week of the month, I will post a list of discussion questions. Some will be sort of generic (who was your favorite character?, did you like the style of writing?) but other's will be very specific, spoilers in fact if you haven't read the book (did you know she would pick that guy?, did you see that murder coming?, can you believe he's a werewolf?). Don't worry it will only be 6-8 questions and I will email the people that wanted to participate once the questions are up.
  3. During the fourth week of the month come back and answer the questions for the month in a comment, ask additional questions and comment on other people's thoughts.
  4. At the end of the fourth week I will recap everyone's thoughts and announce the next month's book.
A few rules:
  1. If you cannot be civil please do not participate. Not everyone will agree with everyone else but we can still discuss the book without personal attacks.
  2. I do not mind you mentioning your own blog in the discussions, as long as you are actively participating in the discussion. If I feel that you are just spamming the club your comments will be removed and you will be blocked from my site.
As an added bonus to participating in our monthly book club - All active participants will receive an extra entry into whatever book giveaways I am hosting on this site.

If you just can't wait to see what the March 2010 book will be you can get a sneak peak by clicking on March 2010 Monthly Online Book Club Selection


  1. I'd like to be a part of this book club for April. Let me know what book you select!

  2. I will be announcing the April Selection on the 2nd! So come back tomorrow to find out!

  3. What a great idea! Count me in!

  4. This really is a great idea, thanks, I will join.

  5. I'd love to join. I guess it is too late now. But I'm on board for September!

    Sofia @

  6. I love this! I'm in for April!

  7. Now this fits me to a t. I've also got four kids and seem to be reading to the younger ones more than myself. But would love to join something like this.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Amazing idea! Is this still ongoing?

    If yes, I really would like to be in for April
    thank you

  10. is this club still going? I would love to join


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