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Monthly Book Club

We are busy and some of us really can't commit to "meeting" up at a certain time participate in a book club - even a virtual one. So instead of answering specific discussion questions, you simply do a review of the month's book selection, as you normally would (given the workings of your own blog), but you link it here on the linky. You can link your review at any point in the month (this means that even if you have previously read the selected book, you could link in your own review). I only ask that you please link directly to your review of that month's selection and that you add the book club graphic somewhere (even small at the bottom) of your review. Then go to some of the other reviews and leave some comments. Easy right? Ready to join in? Then head over to the Busy Moms Book Club to see what the current selection is.
If you want some say in what the month's book selection be sure to come back during the last week of each month so that you can vote on your favorite book.

PS. If you don't have a book blog - you are welcome to post it on any blog you have permission to post on. And if you don't have a blog at all you are welcome to include your review of the blog in the appropriate month's comments section.