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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vote for May 2010 Online Monthly Book Club Selection

Since the voting went so well last month we are going to do it every month. So here are the choices. Please use the gadget to the right to place your vote. I will announce the book selection on May 1st If you are new to my site, and don't know about the Busy Moms Monthly Online Book Club - click here to learn more!

Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot
At 28, former teen-pop-star Heather Wells feels as though she has lost everything: her family and fortune (her mom fled the country with Heather's earnings), her recording contract, her slender waistline, and her fiance, Jordan, a philandering, boy-band singer. Then Jordan's brother, Cooper, a dreamy private investigator and family black sheep, offers Heather room and board in exchange for clerical work, and she finds an additional job as a residence-hall director at a nearby Greenwich Village university. After several female students turn up dead at the dorm, Heather takes on her own stealthy investigation and finds herself the target of the killer. In the first title in her Heather Wells series, Cabot combines a fairly straightforward mystery with a single-girl-in-the-city plot in which Heather triumphs over cheating guys, bad luck, and a fattist society. Most of the characters are two-dimensional, but Heather's strong, amusing voice, the plot twists, and the possibility of romance will draw mystery and chick-lit readers alike.

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik
From her sensational sleeper hit Patty Jane's House of Curl to her heartwarming novel Welcome to the Great Mysterious, Landvik has won the hearts of readers everywhere. Now she returns to her beloved, eccentric stomping ground of small-town Minnesota where a most eclectic, and engaging group of women share love, loss, and laughter.

Sometimes life is like a bad waiter -- it serves you exactly what you don't want. The women of Freesia Court have come together at life's table, fully convinced that there is nothing good coffee, delectable desserts, and a strong shoulder can't fix. Laughter is the glue that holds them together -- the foundation of a book group they call AWEB -- Angry Wives Eating Bon Bons -- an unofficial "club" that becomes much more. It becomes a lifeline.
The five women each have a story of their own to tell. There's Faith, the newcomer, a lonely housewife and mother of twins, a woman who harbors a terrible secret that has condemned her to living a lie; big, beautiful Audrey, the resident sex queen who knows that good posture and an attitude can let you get away with anything; Merit, the shy, quiet doctor's wife with the face of an angel and the private hell of an abusive husband; Kari, a thoughtful, wise woman with a wonderful laugh as "deep as Santa Claus's with a cold" who knows the greatest gifts appear after life's fiercest storms; and finally, Slip, activist, adventurer, social changer, a tiny, spitfire of a woman who looks trouble straight in the eye and challenges it to arm wrestle.
Holding on through forty eventful years -- through the swinging Sixties, the turbulent Seventies, the anything-goes Eighties, the nothing's-impossible Nineties -- the women will take the plunge into the chaos that inevitably comes to those with the temerity to be alive and kicking. Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons depicts a special slice of American life, of stay-at-home days and new careers, children and grandchildren, bold beginnings and second chances, in which the power of forgiveness, understanding, and the perfectly timed giggle fit is the CPR that mends broken hearts and shattered dreams.
Bikini Season by Sheila Roberts
If there's one thing most women can relate to no matter their age, it's the fight against fat. Erin Merritt feels she’s losing that battle -- she’s getting married in six months, and she can't fit into her wedding dress. She decides the first step to losing weight is quitting her cooking club. When she announces this, it turns out the three other women in the group were planning to quit. Rather than disband, they create the Teeny Bikini Diet Club, determined to shed the pounds by swimsuit season. The four women, all different ages, create a lively and encouraging support system for each other in their diets and in their everyday lives. Each woman diets for a separate reason, whether it's the wedding dress or on doctor’s orders, but their steps forward (and occasional step back), combined with the fact that none of their sizes, before or after, are mentioned, add up to a reassuring, feel-good read.

PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE IN THE GADGET AT THE TOP OF THE RIGHT SIDEBAR! If you have a suggestion for JUNE 2010 please leave a comment with the Title and Author and I will add it to my list.


  1. Would love to cast my vote, but can't figure out which gadget to click on to vote. Which one is it?

  2. So sorry Julie. It is there now. I forgot to save I suppose. Please cast your vote now.

  3. Great--thank you! My vote has been cast....

  4. I am interested in joining the book club. Did it start today?

  5. Yes K it does start today and the book selected by the voters is Size 12 is not Fat by Meg Cabot. I hope you will join us! I will get the post up as soon as my first cup of coffee kicks in =)


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