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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Ten Meme - Favorite Book Read So Far This Year.

Once again Jillian has picked a great category for this week's Top 10 - Favorite Books Read So Far This Year!!! So thanks Jillian @ Random Ramblings (by the way she has changed her URL so if you haven't already double check that you have the correct one in your readers)

Top Ten Picks is a weekly meme where I would be posting just about that -- my top 10 picks! Every week, there will be a different and specific topic given.I will then choose 10 of my picks from that given category, create the list, and post them up here!

Since half a year has already passed, for this week, I thought it would just be appropriate to have the topic on our favorite books so far this year. These are the ones you gave 4-5 star ratings to. These are the books that you would love to add to your bookshelf, to re-read, and the ones we recommend to others to check out.

This is a little hard for me because I read soooooooo much and I don't keep that great of track of the books I read outside of the reviews. But here goes, in no particular order

  1. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins my review

  2. The Life of O'Reilly by Brian Cohen my review

  3. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks my review

  4. This One is Mine by Maria Semple my review

  5. Sin Undone by Larissa Ione (review is forthcoming, here is my review of the previous installment Ecstacy Unveiled)

  6. Lover Mine by JR Ward

  7. Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs my review

  8. Covet by JR Ward my review

  9. To Surrender to a Rogue by Cara Elliot my review

  10. Fourplay by Jane Moore my review 
What are top ten reads so far this year? I would love to see your list!


  1. I'm probably the only person who hasn't read The Hunger Games yet. I really do need to see what all the fuss is about!

  2. O0oh The Life O'Reilly looks really good. I haven't read it yet though. Might have to check that one out.

  3. I loved Hunger Games! Have you read Catching Fire yet?

  4. AHHHH! I cant wait to read Sin Undone!! The Hunger Games is awesome!

    I love your picks.

  5. @La Cocc - it is totally worth the reading time!

    @Jillian - I think you would really like it, it really moved me.

    @Cassie - absolutely! I am chomping at the bit for Mockingjay!

    @Chas - you might want to come back around the end of July *hint, hint*

  6. Can you believe I haven't read a single one of those? I do wanna read The Hunger Games. One more title on my TBR list.

  7. OMG hamm1299 you need to get on that, lol! Most of the titles I listed did just release this year so that might explain it...

  8. Great list. I want to read Hunger games and Life of O'Reilly also.

    Here is mine if interested.


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